Why Call Us? We’ll Call You

If you’re like the rest of us, you’re not sure what’s worse, being on hold or listening to those annoying prerecorded messages telling you just how important your call is while you wait your turn in line. So important, you’ve been told 20 times now.
We’re with you. We think being on hold stinks. So, we’ve added a new
Web call back feature to our website to better serve our own customers and of course, that same Web call back feature is available with your Contactual Call Center Solution for you to better serve your customers too.
The concept is simple. We’ve added a Web call back link to our homepage. Click the Call Back link at the upper right of our homepage and a screen pops up with a short form allowing you to give us your name, and phone number we will call you back.
You don’t have to wait on hold and we’ll put your call into our queue and send the next available agent your way. It’s quick, simple, and spares you the pain of humming along to our background hold music (catchy as it is), while you wonder when we’ll get to your call.
You’re happy. We’re happy that you’re happy and nobody gets stuck on hold.
Set Your Customers Free
With the Web call back feature you can even connect these Call Back requests to your CRM so your agents are armed with everything they need to know to solve your customers’ problems on the first call or upsell a product or service based on their history.
Like this new feature? Try it for yourself, we’ll call you right back.