Making the Connection: Why Telephony and CRM Integration Matters

f your customers just wanted to talk to someone, you know, to chat about the Grammys or the Oscars, simple, straightforward telephony would be fine. But, of course, your customers are calling your contact center for reasons much more important to them—and you.
They want you to solve a problem for them, buy something from you, challenge you to move the relationship forward. Now, considering the integration between that telephone call and the relationship you and your customers rely on, integrating telephony and customer relationship management (CRM) takes on a new perspective. Consider these factors:
Shortening call lengths while improving customer satisfaction    
 There is a reason why FCR is the most sought after metric improvement by call center managers. With agent payrolls as much as 75% of a contact center’s budget, the shorter you make calls, the lower your costs get, and the happier your customers are.Integrated telephony and CRM simplify call resolution and model best practices on your needs not those of disparate applications.
A happy call agent is a long-term call agent         
Agent attrition is expensive. Surveys indicate the No. 1 reason agents leave a contact center job is a combination of inadequate training and cumbersome, confusing technology at the call center. Make agents’ jobs easier, help them do their jobs more effectively and everbody’s happier, the agent, the customer, and the enterprise.
Connect via the cloud   
Leveraging a cloud-based call center system is the fastest, least-expensive, most effective, and cost-effective way to connect your automatic call distributor (ACD) to your home-grown or off-the-shelf CRM application. When the technologies you rely on are browser-based, when the system is based on open, not proprietary, standards, your call center is ready to go in days, your agents are trained in hours, and you realize a return on your amazingly low investment almost instantaneously, and your customers will get the benefits immediately.
Feature-rich applications             
Lots of features doesn’t have to mean complicated, at least not for call center agents. Agents can click one button and use their CRM login credentials and get computer telephony integration (CTI) to or NetSuite. Integrating ACD and CRM via the cloud tracks incoming caller IDs and pops the appropriate customer record on screen for the agent. Outbound calls are also initiated with the click of a button. Chat conversations can be moved from screen to agent seamlessly. And, for management, all this integration means tracking agent performance and helping them improve is quick and easy.
Can a cloud-based contact center really improve operations significantly? Do the math. Taking as little as 30 seconds off call time multiplied by the thousands of calls most contact centers handle daily is a huge productivity gain, let alone the good will it generates by satisfying customers’ need more quickly. Shorter calls means fewer agents needed to manage existing call volume and more capacity using the same number of call agents. It means fewer billable phone minutes for you and less time for customers to get what they want. Yes, a
cloud-based integration of telephony and CRM does matter.